sábado, octubre 13, 2007

A foolproof recipe to get rid of immigrants in the United States

By Cesar Fernando Zapata

If Americans want to get rid of immigrants, there is a simple way to do it.

It has nothing to do with walls, fences nor more agents at the border. Neither with robot aircrafts nor infrared cameras, much less with Rambo wannabes watching the desert.

Simply put, it has to do with economics.

Do Americans really want immigrants to go? No sweat: Just vanish jobs off.

The best way to do this, is by causing an economic recession that increases interest rates, inflation and smashes salaries.

This will result in closure of companies, factories firing employees and bankrupt businesses.

Then, like magic, voilá! No more immigrants. All of them will leave at lighting speed to other states, other countries, or even back to Latin America.

No more immigrants, no more problems for those who despise them.

Of course, by that time American citizens (including those who protest against immigrants) will be begging on the streets.

And the rest of the capitalist countries in the world (whose economies are so deeply tied to the US) would surely follow the same fate.

But really, this is a more effective way of getting rid of immigrants, rather than fooling oneself with little laws, little agents and little walls that look good only in TV and newspapers.


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